Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 For Windows full version on $49.99 (newest version & free online updates in the future).  It made for both beginner and experienced photo fixers, the Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 for Windows makes photo editing, improving and printing easier. The straightforward resizing guide works to improve printing results, the smart effects to provide automatic suggestions on where to make improvements and the anti-haze function turns blurry images into sharp ones.
Guided resizing
Benefits are instant when you switch on the Guided Edit mode as you can see a selection of photos with the before and after view. This feature helps to resize your photos for the web and when you want to print them.
Complex cut-outs
The Expert mode has been added for users who like to create complex compositions and cut-outs. You’ll find a sub-tool called the Refine Selection Brush built into the Quick Selection Brush, letting you paint along the edges for a more refined finish, which is a useful feature if you are editing soft fur or hair.
Fast and smart
Save time and quickly make changes to your photo using the one-click edit and be dazzled by the range of effects automatically suggested to you as the Elements 15 analyses your images to show you what looks best.
Stabilise your shots
The Shake Reduction mode lets you sharpen shaky photos, which is especially useful when touching up action shots.

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